About Us

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Kandi Kouture Boutique was established September 18, 2012 started with an idea I had one day when i woke up. I immediately shared my idea with my husband and sister. They both thought it was a great idea and said I should go for it. I talked about it all day long with my husband, he gave me many ideas and supported me every step of the way making it a reality. I began thinking of names and the main thing that stuck out to me is a kid in a candy store. I wanted women to get that feeling when they shop at my boutique. They have so many options they begin to feel like that kid in the candy store so that is where Kandi Kouture’s name came from. I began to think about all aspects of my business and really wanted to launch it. I wanted to bring fashion to everyone around the world and give them that celebrity look many people want for a lesser cost. To make the boutique world wide I started online. I have worked extremely hard for all of you ladies so please continue to shop with us and rock Kandi Kouture.